Warmer temperatures and longer days indicate that it is the moment to begin planning your next pool party on your backyard. Since there are a lot of ways to make sure that your pool party would pull it off, we have collected a list of the essentials that you must prepare during your pool party. Keep on reading to learn more. The following include:

Inflatable Water Slide

You can incorporate a bit of excitement to your pool parties. One of the best ideas to have would be to rent an inflatable water slide for everyone to enjoy. A slide and splash or even a tall slide would turn your party wet and wild, and they are big enough to fit in your backyard. Having these rides together with your pool would surely turn your pool party into the best one in your town. If you are interested in renting such, contact Jumping Balloons El Paso now and learn more about their rental services.

Incredible pool toys

A pool party will never be complete without the presence of the colorful and fun pool toys for your visitors to relish. Stylish flamingo, unicorn floats, and flamingo are needed for that Instagram-worthy picture and selfie. Also, other pool toys, such as a beach ball, offer a lot of fun for you and your guests. Foam noodles are also the best if you want a low-maintenance fun in pool parties.

Water games

Nothing beats water sports and games. Diving toys is a perfect game to keep the young ones entertained at the party, while volleyball nets and basketball hoops are great sports for a short match between your visitors.


While most people will possibly bring their sunscreens, it would be a great idea if the host of the pool party will have some on-hand. During summer, it is always great to feel the warm sun on your face but it could also be damaging to your skin. An effective sunblock would protect you and your visitors from painful sunburns as you play.

Additional towels

Towels are one of the essentials in any pool party. Although they are beneficial for drying off, you may also think about placing out a towel or two on your lawn or poolside loungers so your visitors have a comfortable place to soak up the sun and lie back.

Chairs on a poolside lounge

Lounge chairs are the best place to soak up some summer sun and lie back. If you do not have some around your pool area, consider investing in a few comfy loungers first before you plan to have a pool party. With a lot of unique looks and styles to select from, you could find just the perfect lounge chairs that would match the feel and look of your pool area.

Outdoor games

You also need to have outside games aside from the pool games. Some outdoor activities you can try are sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, and bag tosses, which could offer several hours of fun for you and your visitors.